Fern Falls Winter

Mar 19 2019

Fern Falls Winter #5

Fern Falls Winter Gallery

I awoke this morning to the sounds of birds twittering outside the window as the eighteen inches of snow that fell mid-week slid from the roof as the sun warmed it. Spring is just around the corner, but winter is still here, as the bomb-cyclone storm reminded us. Fern Falls is one of the more spectacular falls in the Park, on a north facing slope, so I expected the usual winter appearance of a falls. Small sections of falling water surrounded by cathedral-like ice and soft pillowy mounds of snow, undercut by a continual sound track of flowing water under ice.

A few miles hike in from the road’s winter closure, and I couldn’t have been more mistaken. Without knowledge of Fern Falls existence, you couldn’t have guessed it was there. It’s been a good winter, one that buries the Falls of seasons past in a hibernation of snow.

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East Inlet Falls Autumn

Sep 26 2018

East Inlet Falls Autumn #7

East Inlet Falls Autumn Gallery

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Adams Falls Autumn Glory

Sep 25 2018

Colorado’s fall colors are having a bit of a rough year.
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West Creek Falls Spring and Complete!

Apr 25 2018

West Creek Falls Spring #9

West Creek Falls Spring Gallery

With my visit to West Creek Falls this past weekend, 31Falls, the project I thought would take me a year to complete back when I began, has finally reached the 50% completion point! I now have visited the various falls of Rocky Mountain National Park 62 times. A few of the metrics I’ve tracked for this project:

  • Number of hikes: 31
  • Total Mileage hiked: 229.4 miles
  • Total Falls Completed: 8
    • Bridal Veil, Calypso, Chasm, Copeland, Horseshoe, Lyric, Ouzel, West Creek
  • Falls yet to be visited: 7
    • Cascade, Columbine, Grace, Granite, Lost, North Inlet, War Dance
  • Number of ‘good’ photos: 510
  • Anticipated Completion date (on current schedule….): January 1, 2025!

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West Creek Falls Autumn

Apr 25 2018

West Creek Falls Autumn #6

West Creek Falls Autumn Gallery

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Lyric Falls Spring and Complete!

Apr 25 2018

Lyric Falls Spring #1

Lyric Falls Spring Gallery

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McGregor Falls Autumn Visit

Apr 25 2018

McGregor Falls Autumn #1

McGregor Falls Autumn Gallery

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Horseshoe Falls Complete

Dec 09 2016

Horseshoe Autumn #5

Horseshoe Autumn Gallery

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Chasm Completion

Dec 06 2016

Chasm Autumn #4

Chasm Autumn Gallery

And with this, the fourth of thirty-one falls is complete.

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Post-election reset

Nov 24 2016

Bridal Veil Autumn #7

Bridal Veil Autumn Gallery

The election of 2016 has given rise to many reassessments. For me, one was the need to spend more time in the mountains, away from the madness of people. Good thing I have this long running project to distract me, get me into the back country, and provide hours of hiking during which to think and make plans for the next four years. Stay tuned for more hikes and photographs coming this weekend as I seek to to work off the gluttony of Thanksgiving.

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