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Mertensia Fails

Aug 02 2020 Published by under Mertensia, Summer, Wild Basin


All the best laid plans. . . . After a failed attempt to see Mertensia Falls several years ago, I’ve poured over topo maps to find the best way to approach it off trail. It seemed straightforward, follow the isocline off of the trail, loop around to the river, and then up to the Mertensia.
Whoops, that contour line was impenetrable forest. Massive amounts of blow down and dead trees, rocks and brush, and a small cliff here and there. Back up plan, further up to Thunder Lake and around to the Falls just off the Eagle Lake trail.
Again, whoops. Small matter of a large cliff blocking that approach. In the picture, Mertensia is just around the corner beyond the rocks. Just beyond the cliff.
Thirteen miles hiked, some bush-whacking, not a single picture of Mertensia Falls. Back to the maps and the drawing board.

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