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End of Year Catch-up

Dec 28 2014 Published by under Alberta, Glacier Gorge, Summer

Alberta Falls Summer #1

Alberta Falls Summer Gallery

Before the end of the year (only a few days away), I’ll have posted the remaining photos I’ve taken during 2014. Maybe as a prompt to continue the project into yet another year. Maybe as an impetus and reminder that I haven’t gotten close to finishing yet. Maybe as inspiration to myself to get out and get shooting.

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Spring Loop

Aug 09 2014 Published by under Alberta, Spring

Started out during the last few days of a wet spring to visit a couple of the falls in the Glacier Gorge area. Little did I know that it would be such a great morning that I would just keep going and see a couple of the falls that I’ve yet to visit for this project. But first I stopped at Alberta Falls to find it roaring with the heavy spring run-off under the early dawn sun.

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Winter Hiatus

May 14 2012 Published by under Alberta, Winter

Alberta Winter 3

Alberta Winter #3

The long cold winter is nearly over. The 31 Falls project is also coming out of it’s long cold winter. The project is not dead, despite every appearance. The project simply went on hiatus due to the overwhelming requirements of teaching. Now that the semester is over, my students have all passed, and I no longer have to spend every weekend preparing lectures, the seasonal examination of the falls has begun anew.

One left over batch of photos from a midwinter trip to Alberta Falls that have been sitting in the hopper for the last couple months is all that remains before the beginning of the spring run offs. Stay tuned for another change of seasons and 31Falls in full flood.

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