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Chasm Completion

Dec 06 2016 Published by under Autumn, Chasm, Endovalley

Chasm Autumn #4

Chasm Autumn Gallery

And with this, the fourth of thirty-one falls is complete.

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Chasm Falls Spring 2016

Nov 19 2016 Published by under Chasm, Endovalley, Glacier Gorge

Chasm Falls Spring #4

Chasm Falls Spring Gallery

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I’m not dead yet . . . .

Mar 05 2013 Published by under Chasm, Endovalley, Winter

Chasm Falls Winter #6

Chasm Falls Winter Gallery

Contrary to appearances on this website, I haven’t abandoned this project. There have been a lot of changes and distractions in life since the beginning of the year, which has made trips to the Park to visit the waterfalls a lower priority than anticipated. But the project lives on! I have three new sets of waterfall photographs from mid-February (including this one) ready to post. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

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An Audience

Sep 08 2011 Published by under Chasm, Summer

So far, my hikes to photograph the falls have been mostly alone. I haven’t had to share the falls with other people, probably because I’ve been at them at dawn when most sane people are still abed. It was amusingly different at Chasm Falls, however.

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