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Catch-up #3

Dec 30 2014 Published by under Glacier Gorge, Ribbon Falls, Summer

Ribbon Falls Summer #1

Ribbon Falls Summer Gallery

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Spring Loop Stop #2

Aug 10 2014 Published by under Ribbon Falls, Spring

Climbing up above Alberta Falls, I thought I would visit Glacier Falls and call it a day. By the time I crested the last rise of rock and saw Mills Lake spread out in the valley, I didn’t want to stop. Just a couple more miles and I’d be at Ribbon Falls, one of the Park’s falls I’d not yet seen. Sure, I was already nearly out of water and hadn’t brought any food (it was to be a really short hike this morning, after all), but how hard could it be to skirt the lake and see something new.

As it turns out, not hard at all. Ribbon Falls took a little scrambling and post-holing through late season snow drifts, but was surrounded by fields of small wildflowers blooming in the morning light. As I set up the tripod and started taking photos, the fine mist that had started ‘falling’ around me began to shift into a light snow. In June. This I wasn’t ready for and so soon was scrambling back down the valley with the weather at my back.

Ribbon Falls Spring #4

Ribbon Falls Spring Gallery

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