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Mertensia Fails

Aug 02 2020 Published by under Mertensia, Summer, Wild Basin


All the best laid plans. . . . After a failed attempt to see Mertensia Falls several years ago, I’ve poured over topo maps to find the best way to approach it off trail. It seemed straightforward, follow the isocline off of the trail, loop around to the river, and then up to the Mertensia.
Whoops, that contour line was impenetrable forest. Massive amounts of blow down and dead trees, rocks and brush, and a small cliff here and there. Back up plan, further up to Thunder Lake and around to the Falls just off the Eagle Lake trail.
Again, whoops. Small matter of a large cliff blocking that approach. In the picture, Mertensia is just around the corner beyond the rocks. Just beyond the cliff.
Thirteen miles hiked, some bush-whacking, not a single picture of Mertensia Falls. Back to the maps and the drawing board.

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Marguerite Falls in the Late Summer

Sep 05 2019 Published by under Endovalley, Marguerite, Summer

Marguerite Summer Gallery

Marguerite Summer #1

See my previous post for why I think Marguerite is as disappointing a waterfall as it is. . . .

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Fern Falls Summer

Sep 02 2019 Published by under Fern, Marguerite, Summer

Fern Falls Summer #1

Fern Falls Summer #1

“I have a theory” As my neighbor, Marcelo, prefaces many conversations. In this case, I have a theory about Fern Falls. Or, more appropriately, I have a theory about Fern and Marguerite Falls. On all the maps I’ve looked at while doing my research for this project, this is called Fern Falls. This hike with Lindsey over the Labor Day weekend completes it in terms of 31 Falls. It’s a couple miles from the trailhead, up a pair of steep switchbacks on the way to Fern Lake.
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Catch-up #7

Jan 01 2015 Published by under Glacier Gorge, Summer, Timberline Falls

Timberline Falls Summer #6

Timberline Falls Summer Gallery

And with this, I’ve finally posted all the photos I took in 2014. In the three and a half years since I had the idea for this project, I’ve made some progress, but not nearly as much as I’d expected. I’ve taken twenty-three separate hikes, totalling over one hundred and seventy miles of hiking. I’ve taken several thousand photos of the waterfalls of Rocky Mountain National Park, though most of those were uninteresting or unusable.

Of my original goal that I set of photographing each of the 31 waterfalls in each season (a total of 124 total visits), I’ve made 46, or just over a third of the total number for the project.

I’ve completed my goal of visiting only three of the waterfalls in each season, Copeland Falls, Calypso Cascades, and Ouzel Falls.

As another year begins, I’m going to keep plugging away at this project. Someday I hope to finish it, but if I don’t I’ll still have had many great days out in the mountains, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

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Catch-up #3

Dec 30 2014 Published by under Glacier Gorge, Ribbon Falls, Summer

Ribbon Falls Summer #1

Ribbon Falls Summer Gallery

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Catch-up #2

Dec 30 2014 Published by under Glacier Falls, Glacier Gorge, Summer

Glacier Falls Summer #4

Glacier Falls Summer Gallery

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End of Year Catch-up

Dec 28 2014 Published by under Alberta, Glacier Gorge, Summer

Alberta Falls Summer #1

Alberta Falls Summer Gallery

Before the end of the year (only a few days away), I’ll have posted the remaining photos I’ve taken during 2014. Maybe as a prompt to continue the project into yet another year. Maybe as an impetus and reminder that I haven’t gotten close to finishing yet. Maybe as inspiration to myself to get out and get shooting.

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Summer’s End

Oct 03 2012 Published by under McGregor Ranch Trailhead, Summer, West Creek Falls

The equinox was a week and a half ago, which means the end of the first full summer for this project. Last summer, I posted the first set of photos in what I thought was going to be a one-year effort. In retrospect, it was ridiculous that I thought I’d be able to finish this project in one year. I’ve often been accused of being far too optimistic (usually regarding the outcome of elections), but to think I could do this in one year seems amusing in retrospect. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from thinking I could have easily done it if I didn’t have to worry about my job, my house, my novel, my. . . . . .

West Creek Summer #8

West Creek Falls Gallery

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Hunting Season

Sep 25 2012 Published by under Bridal Veil, McGregor Ranch Trailhead, Summer

Bridal Veil Summer #8

Bridal Veil Falls Summer Gallery

Like the water that falls within Rocky Mountain National Park and flows out across the country, the trails I use to visit some of the falls in this project have many varied users.
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‘Whiskey is for drinkin’, water is for fighting’

Sep 06 2012 Published by under East Inlet Falls, East Inlet Trailhead, Summer

East Inlet Summer #6

East Inlet Falls Summer Gallery

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