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Thunder Falls

Nov 21 2012 Published by under Autumn, Thunder Falls, Wild Basin

Thunder Falls #2

Thunder Falls Gallery

Some of the falls I’ve sought out have been hard to find. Thunder Falls was suprisingly easy to find, depsite my approach to it, which followed tree line from Fan Falls. Finding my way back down the hill to the tail, however, was a little more difficult. All I had to do was follow the stream downhill and it would intersect the trail. Unfortunately, there were cliffs in the way and I ended up wandering back and forth across the mountainside working in the general direction of the trailhead. Along the way, I found other streams to follow, more surprise cliff-faces, and a gorgeous meadow of green case, each blade edged by the browns and oranges of fall. Somewhere off trail and I don’t know I’d be able to find it again, but it is those discoveries that make this project so much fun.

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