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Catch-up #7

Jan 01 2015 Published by under Glacier Gorge, Summer, Timberline Falls

Timberline Falls Summer #6

Timberline Falls Summer Gallery

And with this, I’ve finally posted all the photos I took in 2014. In the three and a half years since I had the idea for this project, I’ve made some progress, but not nearly as much as I’d expected. I’ve taken twenty-three separate hikes, totalling over one hundred and seventy miles of hiking. I’ve taken several thousand photos of the waterfalls of Rocky Mountain National Park, though most of those were uninteresting or unusable.

Of my original goal that I set of photographing each of the 31 waterfalls in each season (a total of 124 total visits), I’ve made 46, or just over a third of the total number for the project.

I’ve completed my goal of visiting only three of the waterfalls in each season, Copeland Falls, Calypso Cascades, and Ouzel Falls.

As another year begins, I’m going to keep plugging away at this project. Someday I hope to finish it, but if I don’t I’ll still have had many great days out in the mountains, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

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