Elusive Moose

Oct 04 2011 Published by under Autumn, Marguerite

Pulling myself up by the long branch of the pine tree that leaned out from the slope, its trunk disappearing into a wide crack in the split boulder, I spooked a couple hikers who had just come around the corner, still winded from the last stretch of trail. My camera and tripod got the usual cursory glance, but they had bigger things on their minds.

“Did you see the moose?” They asked

I wondered briefly what moose they thought would fit int the tight and mildly inaccessible ravine I had just clambered out of, but settled for an innocuous, ‘No.’

“It’s just down the trail.” They said, point back the way they’d come, and to where I was going next.

It’s been a few years since I’ve seen a moose. Hiking in Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, I’d seen a moose and her calf playing at the edge of a lake. And a few months before that, I’d seen one while skiing at Eldora, but that was long enough ago that my pulse quickened at the thought of seeing another this morning. Camera at the ready, I started back down the trail.
Five minutes later, another pair of hikers came up the trail with a ‘Did you see the moose? A big bull with a massive rack.” For the next twenty minutes, I walked slowly and quietly down the rock path, looking up and down slope through the undergrowth and trees trailing their gray fringes of Spanish Moss and balls of Dwarf Mistletoe for a glimpse of the elusive moose. For the next twenty minutes, every hiker I passed left me with some variation of ‘Did you see the moose?” E

Eventually I was no longer the only person on the trail to have not seen the moose and I looked again at the changing aspens, late season wildflowers, and where I was putting my feet.

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