Promises, Promises

Dec 18 2012 Published by under Autumn, Trio, Wild Basin

This is Trio Falls. The final posting from the long hike I did a couple months ago that included Thunder, Fan, and Mertensia Falls.

Trio Falls Autumn #9

Trio Falls Autumn Gallery

When I finished that long hike, I sat down with my maps and spreadsheets (full disclosure, I’m a bit of a nerd and have over-planned and analysed this project) and projected the remaining weeks until the winter solstice, plotting a course along the trails that would almost, if not entirely, complete the autumn visits to the falls of Rocky Mountain. Unfortunately, life, as is its wont, got in the way. My weekends this fall were taken up far more with work and the search for a new job. Fortunately the latter project, like my goal of waterfall visits this fall, has thus far been unsuccessful. So as of January 1, I will be able to turn to this project again and tackle the most difficult task of visiting these fall during the winter, as well as writing more cogently and intelligently about water and its role in the west.

Until then, these pictures of Trio Falls under the lee of Longs Peak on a gorgeous fall day will have to do.

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