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A few weeks ago, I dashed up to the Park on a spring afternoon, forgoing a training ride I’d planned to do, because the weather was gorgeous, the previous weeks had finally signaled that spring was truly returned to the mountains, and I hade a new hope. I had read somewhere while researching this project, that Calypso Cascades were named for a flower. An orchid, no less. I had a hard time imagining orchids blooming amongst the pines and firs, so I set out to find them. I have taken many hikes to seek these elusive blooms, they stand only about 10 centimeters high, grow in undisturbed soils, and flower for only a short time each year.

This year, I finally found them. They are just as exotic as one would expect from an orchid, and to find them blooming alongside a trail and piles of fallen needles is one of the more incongrous sites I’ve seen while pursuing this project.

Calypso Orchids

Calypso Orchids

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