West Creek Falls Spring and Complete!

Apr 25 2018 Published by under McGregor Ranch Trailhead, Spring, West Creek Falls

West Creek Falls Spring #9

West Creek Falls Spring Gallery

With my visit to West Creek Falls this past weekend, 31Falls, the project I thought would take me a year to complete back when I began, has finally reached the 50% completion point! I now have visited the various falls of Rocky Mountain National Park 62 times. A few of the metrics I’ve tracked for this project:

  • Number of hikes: 31
  • Total Mileage hiked: 229.4 miles
  • Total Falls Completed: 8
    • Bridal Veil, Calypso, Chasm, Copeland, Horseshoe, Lyric, Ouzel, West Creek
  • Falls yet to be visited: 7
    • Cascade, Columbine, Grace, Granite, Lost, North Inlet, War Dance
  • Number of ‘good’ photos: 510
  • Anticipated Completion date (on current schedule….): January 1, 2025!

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